Driven surface flow of short-chain polymer thin film

The following movies show the detailed chain dynamics from a small-scale molecular dynamics simulation of the driven flow of a polymer film using a bead-spring model. The film is supported below by an fcc(100) substrate which is not shown. The simulation cell has a planar dimension of 12 x 12 following periodic boundary conditions. The film consists of 100 chains each of 10 particles.  Temperature is maintained at 0.35 and an external force of 0.001 is applied in the +x direction. Consecutive frames in the movie correspond to  a time lapse of 2000.  The simulation was performed with HOOMD and visualized using VMD with minor source code modifications. More information can be found in "Crossover to surface flow in supercooled unentangled polymer films" by C.H. Lam and O.K.C. Tsui.

Both movies show the same simulation run. All chains are identical but one of them is shaded red to highlight its dynamics. Click on the upper image to view the first movie which depicts the motion of a chain in the surface mobile layer. The lower image links to the second movie demonstrating a slow moving chain in the inner glassy region of the film. Note the large size (24MB) of the video files. We have tested that the movies can be viewed with windows media player in WinXP and Win7 systems and the vlc player in Linux systems.