Supplemental Material for "Emergent facilitation behavior in a distinguishable-particle lattice model of glass"

Ling-Han Zhang and Chi-Hang Lam,   Physical Review B 95, 184202 (2017)     (arXiv:1608.05960)

These two videos show particle dynamics in small-scale simulations of a distinguishable-particle lattice model (DPLM) on a 40x40 lattice with 1592 particles (randomly colored) and 8 voids (white) at T=0.5 for a simulation duration of 0.006 and at T=0.16 for a duration of 41400. For T = 0.5, voids diffuse independently without trapping. For T=0.16, isolated voids are trapped by the disorder. Two coupled voids on the top right corner move substantially more vigorously demonstrating dynamic facilitation.

T = 0.5, Simulation duration = 0.006
( DPLM_videoA_T050.mp4, 3MB 40s 15fps )
T = 0.16, Simulation duration = 41400
( DPLM_videoB_T016.mp4, 13MB, 138s 30fps )